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Area 52

This is my entry into the Clickteam / Itch.io game jam competition.

Area 52 is a top down action shooter. It draws inspiration from classics like Doom and Alien Breed. It's a short adventure, but I only had less than two weeks to create the entire game! I hope you enjoy.


W= Up

S= Down

A= Left

D= Right

E= Interact / Open Doors / Read etc.

Left Mouse = Shoot

Mouse Wheel Up/Down = Cycle Through Weapons

Keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are quick keys for the guns in your inventory.

F1 / F2 Toggle Full Screen / Window Mode.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDave C
GenreShooter, Action
TagsAliens, free, Futuristic, iwanttocreate, Sci-fi, scifi, Top-Down, topdownshooter
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Area 52.exe 16 MB


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A really solid topdown shooter, especially with Fusion 2.5 :) The only point of complaint is that I ran out of pistol ammo and then was powerless to defend against the aliens. It would've been nice to have unlimited ammo for the basic weapon like in Alien Shooter. 


Hey Dave C!
Just wondering I came across your fusion file for this and was just wondering if you're still working on this game? Also, what are your terms of use for the source code? Thanks so much your game is AWESOME!!!

Hi Jared. Do you remember me?

Over 1,5 i try talk with you on Facebook but you don't replies.

How you can please reply on Facebook because im worried to you :/

Do you here?

is there miltiplayer??

Hey Dave C! Remember me from this game jam? I made the 'Unknown Force' game, and I have been working really hard on improving it! The new version is now called 'War Forge'. Thought you might like to try it out. Thanks! Hope things are going well.

Dude, i love your game, top down shooters are one of my favorites genres, so this goes to my favorites games folder.

When you go trough a door and the door closes behind you and you get trapped inside with the bloody spiders, make me so freaking angry, but was awesome.

Loved the guns also, the FX, the feeling when you shoot, cool.

I get to your game searching "games made with clickteam fusion 2", because this engine is on humble bundle, and now i am crazy trying to get at least one dollar in my paypal account to buy it! With no success :(

Finally, thank you for giving this awesome game for free.

Greetings from Argentina. Sorry in advance for the "writing errors".

Hey Dave C, just wanted to say your game was one of the most polished and professional that my teammates and I got a chance to play and rate. Really good job for such a small span of time, and we all wish you good luck in the future

I gave your game a go....



You legend! this the first real "lets play" of a game of mine, it was great! Keep it up and good luck with your YT Channel.

hi your game is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you use clickteam fusion can you teach me too

Hey mate, glad you liked it ^_^ I hang out on the Clickteam forums https://community.clickteam.com/forums - lots of helpful people there to help you when you get stuck.. you just have to keep trying to make stuff and keep learning!

cool game!

thanks mate!